The Day of Death

By: Ms. Fischer’s 3rd period Reading Class (UHS Special Education)
Lorenzo, Israel, Cesar, Karla, Patty, Kandace, Mona
The day of the death always is quiet, but the sun shines darkly and is red with a black rim. Technology shuts down for the day. It is a day of no power or law. The houses are all quiet. All you can hear are the screams of death.
People wonder “What is gong on?” There are no answers, there is only drama. The air is heavy with humidity and the smell of blood drops into awareness like a disease.
People hide in their homes. They peer out windows and worry about what is going to happen. Gunshots echo through the air.
Two boys, Israel and Cesar, are walking through a dark alley and hear a door creak open behind them. They look back but no one is there. They hear the footsteps of a large man following them, but they can never see him. They begin to run toward the street at the end of the alley. As they run their flashlights wave across human bodies hanging down from the streetlights lining the alley. Blood drips from the dead bodies. Cesar says, “That is a sign of death coming for us.” 
“A killer is on the loose and is no where to be found,” said Israel.
Suddenly, out of an abandoned house rode 3 girls on bikes. The lead girl’s bike slipped on a patch of wet blood and skidded into a pole. As Cesar and Israel rush to help her, they see that she is badly injured and needs immediate help.
“There is a store 3 blocks down, let’s try to get her there,” said Israel. About that time the other 2 girls arrive to help their friend. “Karla!” they screamed as slid to a stop beside their friend. But, Karla couldn’t answer them because she was unconscious.
They heard an evil laugh, and felt the air get colder. Plants and trees suddenly died. A ghostly figure appeared and said, “Come out. Come out and play.” 
Israel said, “Who are you?”
The voice answered, “I’m looking for Death, have you seen her, and Mom says for you to wake up cuz it's time to get ready for school."
That's when the nightmare began.
Suddenly the sun’s black rim faded away. The sun shone brightly once again. The ghostly figure faded away and trees and plants came to life. Blood evaporated and dead bodies disappeared. Lights came back on as power was restored. 
Karla’s injuries healed and she woke up and had no memories of the past night. She sat up and said, “What just happened?”
The others said, “It was a long and bad day.”
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