My Dear Elizabeth (FIRST PLACE)

By: Gricelda Garza 8th, Pawprint Staff group 1
I now feel that I’m empty inside, there’s no purpose in life now that my daughter is gone round and round my thoughts come and go trying to figure out what had happened that day. It was about a week ago. I was walking home late at night after buying a few snacks for my daughter Elizabeth. I was walking down one of the abandon streets that didn’t have much traffic to offer. I had to walk since my wife was using the van. She has a night shift from about 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., as a nurse. I felt the cold breeze blowing back and forth and the moonlight had a nice warm glow to it. There were tall trees and a bunch of old abandoned houses, like no one even lives there anymore, I ignored it. The only thing I could think of was getting back to my daughter as soon as possible.
I started to hear a voice crying out, it sounded as if it was a child. I ignored the sound thinking it was nothing but my imagination, but behind one of the tall trees I noticed something behind it as if it was hiding. I started to hear the crying once again, but this time it was much louder. I thought to myself perhaps the thing behind the tree could possibly be a child that is lost or injured some how. I walked closer to the tree, but not close enough for it to see me. I hid behind the tree that was closest to it. I was able to finally see it; it was a little girl though I wasn't able to see her face, because she was facing the other direction staring at the ground.
She had long blonde hair and she was wearing a white dress that looked exactly like my daughters favorite dress. She looked almost exactly the same as my daughter. Without thinking I ran to the little girl and tapped her on the shoulder asking her, "Why are you crying?" She didn't reply to me. I asked her once more and she replied with, "It seems what I was once playing with is gone, will you play with me?" as she giggled. She slowly tilted her head to the side and turned around. I had fallen at what I had seen, her hair was all knotted up and her eyes were rolled all the way back where you could see nothing but white. She had burn marks and gashes all over her body.
She was crying out blood and her smile was so horrible it made me sick. I got up and started running as fast as I could without a second thought. I looked back and she was nodding her head back and forth as she sung a lullaby. I was so terrified not knowing what to do. I just kept running and when I looked back once more she was gone, but when I turned around there she was right in front of me laughing and she said, "If you won’t play with me then perhaps your daughter will?" I started running again trying my hardest not to get caught. I ran all the way home and ran to my daughter’s room seeing my daughters dress covered in blood laying on the floor. All purpose is gone, I thought in my mind as I looked everywhere not being able to find my daughter. Now that I look back I should’ve called for help sooner, because I wouldn’t be standing in a jail cell.
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