Scary Stories

By: Bertha Garcia 9th-12th grade
Story #1 Zombies take over UHS. Human remains found at UHS the Zombie Apocalypse. Last Thursday maul Uvalde Coyotes. Its back!!!Smarter, Stronger and More CApable than ever. Uvalde road close Guns shot!!! Zombies getting slaughter in the Head.
Story #2 Zombies run after Carrie on Halloween. Jeff the zombie talks "the world is over," he screams. "Boo" screams Jeff, he walks toward Carrie Until she falls down a long hill Where she sees a pile of Human remains. She knew she was now unwanted in this cold, bloody, world.
Story #3 Don't be scared!!! Human remains rising up in the museum take over Uvalde!!! Run to Dalton and Slaughter the wanted Zombies. Be aware prepare and Dare to enter, Uvalde.
Story #4 Janey was at her house with Antonio on Halloween night. They stayed to watch movies. They were in Knippa and traveled to Uvlde for a haunted house. Suddenly, the police looked at Janey and Antonio and found out that they were Zombies trying to take over and Run the World!!! Jany and Anotonio were ON the RUN but they lost each other... then, it was all 
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