Caught in a Nightmare

By: Deborah Lawrence’s 5th period ELAR PreAP class - 8th grade Uvalde
I ran as fast as my aching legs could carry me. My feet burned as they pounded against the cold, hard ground. I turned back to see if they were still following me. I couldn’t; I wouldn’t go back . . . I had to keep going. I shot up from bed drenched in sweat. My heart was beating like a snare drum, and my breath was coming in short pants. I slowly rose from bed and walked downstairs. I grabbed my jacket and went outside for a late night walk. Silence filled the night air. I was trying to remain calm, but I only grew more paranoid. The feeling of someone watching me grew. I walked faster until I saw a shadow. A shadow of the man I feared, the same man who made everyone think I was insane. He was going to hurt me. I began to run, but I could hear his footsteps. He was getting closer, so I ran into the forest. As I sped my way through the trees, I made the mistake of looking back. It was in that moment that he decided to tackle me to the ground.I gasped for air and tried to get up, but he pinned me down to the dirt floor. I tried to fight back, but he was too strong. No man could have his strength because he wasn’t human. He was scared that I would tell again, and people would actually believe, so he was trying to get rid of me.I had no power to fight, and the beast knew. I looked at him with a cold face. I refused to show him how I felt. I stared into his bright yellow eyes and watched as he transformed into the hairy monster he was. He neared my face . . . and lunged.


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