By: Andrea Sagemuehl, 6th grade ELAR group 2
This 10 year old girl named Sara Garza,went to national night out. She noticed no one was there so she got on the swings. She was going to high. All of a sudden she screamed . She fell off the swing . When she got up,all of her bones hurt really bad. She walked home limping in pain, tears in her eyes. Her mom asked “how was National Night out ? Sara wiped her tears as she said on one was there and I fell off the swing “. The next morning Sara was in bed . Her mom tried waking her up 15 times. She wouldn’t wake up. Her mom got worried and toke her to the Doctor. After the Doctor did a bone scan on Sara , he whent to the waiting room and stood by the door.Saramom jumped up for the chair. “How is she”? Sara mom asked . The Doctor said “sadly she is in a coma”. Sara’s mom gasped and crying . Sara mom asked “how did she even get in a coma?” The doctor replied “We think she may have fallen and hit her head to hard.” Sara’s mom said Yes,last night she was at National Night out and fell off the swing. She went straright to bed when she got home .”She takes her home ,Sara is still in a coma .And she gets out of a coma she was in a coma for 6 weeks .And then she goes to college and the same thing happens aging and she was in a coma for 5 weeks. She got out of the hospital, the Doctor gives her medicine to take. She does not take the medicine. Then she decides to move to Knippa . Sara falls asleep but doesn’t wake up. This is a news report after Sara woke up but it was not Sara that woke up this time. “Attention this entity strikes in the day time hours. There have been 20,000 victim sightings in Knippa and San Antonio. In 1892 January 14,she was a nice sweet girl,who lived in Uvalde Texas. Where she becomes a possessed freaky little monster “ And that is why you have to take your medicine……


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