Spooky Stories

By: Mrs. Piles' 3rd Grade Class, Sabinal Elementary School
Michelle and Zack were in their Halloween costumes. Michelle was a ghost and Zack was a zombie. They went to the cemetery late on Halloween night because they wanted to scare all the kids who were trick or treating on Halloween. They hid behind the headstones. When a little kid walked by they jumped out and yelled “Boo!”. Then they would laugh and laugh. Then they saw a real ghost. “Helloooo” said the ghost in a scary voice. Michelle and Zack thought it was someone playing a joke. They were not scared! “Nice to meet you” said the ghost. Zack went to shake his hand but just felt icy cold air. The real ghost had disappeared. Michelle and Zack screamed, ran home, and never come back to the cemetery again!!


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