By: Ms. Fischer’s 8th period class (UHS Special Education Reading)
Benito, Jess, Jonathan, CJ, Addi, Lupita, Delila, Cassandra
Zombies Coming to Town
The Lady Sees a Zombie runner. She starts to get scared of the zombie. The zombie slowly walks to the lady. The lady starts to walk away. Soon as the Lady gets far the zombie starts to run after her. The Lady takes off running and sees an old car. Soon as she got to the car she sees a rifle in the back of the car. She takes it and shoots the zombie’s head. Soon as the lady shot the gun she made a loud sound and she fell back on the ground. She gets up and walks downtown. She head to a store. She runs into a bar wire fence. Please see Zombie page 1B.
The Wolf Man’s Curse
A curse came to Texas through a hillbilly last Thursday. This hillbilly is really a wolf man. On nights of the full moon the hillbilly changes into a werewolf and attacks innocent people. Don’t go out at night when the full moon is shining. Be afraid of the howl in the night.
The Lady sees Ghosts Boast, see page 7.
The Ghosts Boast is coming to attack hunters. See page 15.
A Chuckie walks the night at Uvalde High School. Chuckie the killer is on the loose in Uvalde. The public urged to beware of monsters giving out three prizes at Uvalde Grand Opera House.
A Rare Witch Carnival. Attention, a lot of fright party.
Uvalde Vampire News - The Bloody Truth Unexpected vampire victim lands in jail. Uvaldeans Jesus will heal you! The next victim at Location Honey Bowl is coming to UHS.
Cemetery clean-up completed. Zombies take over the HS. Unwelcome, there is not room for school officials. Public is urged to beware of Zombie Apocalypse’. Police respond over three-day weekend. Human remains found in Knippa. RIP: Addi, Benito, Lupita, Cassie, Jess, Jonathan, Delila, CJ
Ghost Haunter News The teachers in Uvalde found ghosts in Uvalde High School and the teachers and the students started seeing ghostly children and they also started to hear noises in the restrooms and this is true only for the people that believe it. The End
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