Students learn about pet ownership

by Kimberly Rubio, staff writer
They say you can’t truly understand a person’s experience until you have walked a mile in his shoes or – in this case – paws.
Flores Middle School students have the opportunity to write an essay from the first-person perspective of an abandoned pet.
The Life on the Street contest, facilitated by the Humane Society of Uvalde and Uvalde Leader-News, is open to Pre-AP students.
Participants are instructed to write an essay from the first-person perspective of a pet that has faced one or more of the following hardships: homelessness (living on the streets), abuse, neglect, or extensive time spent chained/tied. The essay should address how the pet eventually found its way to a caring and loving home or shelter.

Eighteen political signs lifted, placed in another yard

Nearly 20 political signs for Uvalde County candidates were discovered in a pile outside 632 Sunrise Avenue on Tuesday night.
The incident occurred at a 9:25 p.m. when Uvalde Police Department officers were dispatched to the home for a report of lost-and-found property.
Officers met with Susie Martinez, who told police that sometime between 6:30 and 9 p.m. an unknown (or multiple) subject(s) had placed 18 political signs in her front yard.
Police collected the signs, which were taken to the UPD, located at 964 W. Main St.
As of Friday, police said they had no suspects.
Removing or vandalizing campaign signs can lead to a charge of criminal mischief. Vandals can also face a fine of up to $500.

Flores vying for county tax assessor/collector post

THE FOLLOWING was submitted by Diana Uriegas Flores, a Democratic Party candidate for Uvalde County Tax Assessor/Collector.

Man arrested twice in three days

by Kimberly Rubio, staff writer
Pedestrians usually have the right of way, but that did not stop one man from allegedly assaulting a person on foot for crossing the street too slowly.
The incident occurred Jan. 23 at the intersection of North Camp and East Nopal streets at approximately 2 p.m.
According to Mitch Barchie, he was attacked by Jesus Ramirez as Barchie and his wife were walking in the area.
Speaking Monday, Barchie’s mother, Laura Petty, said Ramirez exited the vehicle he was traveling in and began yelling at her son. Petty was not present during the altercation.
“The guy [Ramirez] pulled up and jumped out of a car screaming obscenities at my son,” Petty said.
Ramirez was traveling with his girlfriend in a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.

Mystery solved: Too-good-to-be-true shopping offer is scam

Legitimate mystery shopping opportunities exist, but this week one local woman learned that with them also comes the possibility of scams.
Mystery shoppers are hired by some retail companies to evaluate the quality of service of their stores. Shoppers are instructed to make a purchase in a store or restaurant and then report on the experience.
Typically, the shopper is reimbursed and can keep the product or receive a small payment.
Uvalde resident and longtime (now retired) teacher Betty Meyer is an experienced mystery shopper.
When she recently responded to an email advertisement for a mystery shopping opportunity in the Uvalde area, Meyer almost walked into a near-perfect scam.


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