Fuentes wins $50 contest prize

Belinda Fuentes is the $50 first-place winner of last week’s Uvalde Leader-News football contest.

Fuentes missed on only one game, the Kentucky-Florida game.

Two contestants missed on two games, including Elliott Miller and Ruben Garcia.

Miller’s tie-breaker score was closer to the actual score of the game, so he gets the $40 second-place prize, while Garcia gets the $30 third-place prize.

Eight entrants missed on three games, including Raul Perez II, Raul Perez, Food For The Poor, Carol Carter, Raelyn Carter, Barbara Bias, Lalo Ramirez, and Maria Miller.

Thirteen entrants missed on four games. They included Dora A, Diaz, Flights to Furever, Mary Jo Perez, J.A. Ruiz, Tina Hicks, James Miller, Jesus Delgado, Ysidro Silvas, Briana Torres, Ernest Hinojosa, Diane Welch, J.M. Diaz, and Lydia Moss.

Through three weeks of the contest, a total of $360 has been awarded.

You, too, can be a winner, but only if you enter. Contest forms are found in each Sunday edition of the Uvalde Leader-News.