Game wardens aim to police litterbugs, other lawbreakers

Texas Parks and Wildlife State Game Warden Henry J. Lutz wants to remind residents that wardens will be out in full force this Fourth of July weekend, enforcing the law and helping to ensure that visitors and citizens of Uvalde County have a safe holiday weekend.

Area game wardens regularly patrol rivers in Uvalde County for violations including littering and people who drive their vehicles into the state riverbeds.

Lutz says in 2003, the legislature passed laws prohibiting the operation of any motorized vehicle in a state riverbed. He said the violation continues to occur despite signs posted on state highways and county roads reminding people about the law.

“Game Wardens in Uvalde County write numerous citations every year for this offense, although violations have seemed to increase this year because there is less water in the rivers,” Lutz said.

He said wardens also helped with the Uvalde County Zero Tolerance Litter Crackdown held last weekend.

Participating wardens included Lutz, assigned to Uvalde County, Real County Game Warden Clint Graham, and Maverick County Game Wardens Welden Rappmund and Matt Maloney.

While patrolling the Frio River near Concan, wardens filed several charges for littering, possessing glass containers in the river and drug possession.

Lutz said in one instance, wardens observed a couple of tubers get out of the river and dump numerous empty glass beer and liquor bottles out of a bag onto the riverbank. Wardens approached and contacted the tubers about the dumping. During the contact, additional glass bottles of liquor and drugs were found in an ice chest. Citations were written and the glass bottles were confiscated.

Game wardens also patrolled the Nueces River last weekend for similar violations.

Henry Lutz

Henry Lutz

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