Letters to the Editor


On Dec. 21, the newspaper emailed district spokesperson Anne Marie Espinoza and asked for “a copy of the book list… provided to the board of trustees by Robert Oberlander [sic] during public comments,” and in response, received the 16-page listing containing nearly 1,000 books.

Objectionable books

Well! I made the front page of the Uvalde Leader-News! (I’ve only gotten on the front page of a newspaper once before. On the front page of the Washington Post back in 1997 when I was being called a mercenary in Bosnia. Not true, of course.) The article is mostly correct, but the reporter got a couple things wrong. I’m a little bit pissed that she makes me out to be some kind of fanatic. Well, in this instance, maybe I am. And perhaps your readers should be too.

At the Monday, Dec 19 UCISD board meeting I gave them two lists. One is a 16-page list of books that have been deemed objectionable by the MSSA organization. The other is a list of books I found in their school library that ought to be reviewed for objectionable material. I only did a 15-minute search and found probably eight books that I believe most parents would not want their kids to find in the school library.

I gave them a copy of that, with either blurbs or quotes from the books. In one case, explicitly pornographic.

Miss Anne Marie Espinoza, the UCISD spokesperson, misrepresents my statement. I never said that all 1,000 books were in their library. I gave them a list of about eight that are in their library! Please get your facts straight, Ma’am.

I’ll be speaking to members of the Uvalde County GOP in January, showing them exactly how to do their own searches in the school libraries. Does anyone want to bet that they find more objectionable books there? We’re not done with this yet! I am indeed a fanatic about educating our children about our local values and ensuring they get a, what used to be called, classical liberal education.

Oh! Mr. or Ms. Reporter, please spell my name right, next time. I was there for you to ask questions after the meeting. You didn’t. www.facebook.com/robert.oberlender.33

Merry Christmas, ya’ll!

Robert C. Oberlender 



Law enforcement nationwide, can hide identity, withhold information, withhold truth, and lie with zero consequences. Zero civilians can do any of that. On July 24, 2016, in Winslow, Arizona, Shipley killed 5 feet tall, 95 pound, 27 year old Loreal Tsingine, by standing over her, and firing, not one, but five bullets into her. The ruling: Shipley has done nothing to warrant prosecution! To this day, there has been a refusal to identify the officer with Shipley, that witnessed this. For the relatives of this woman and us; like it or lump it. 

Stonewalling in action: there is an ongoing investigation, consequently, we cannot release A-N-Y information at this time. The N.M.A.G took three years and two months to rule on three deputies that fired 21 bullets into 1 F-E-M-A-L-E, then he rules that: “These officers have done nothing to warrant prosecution!” The freedom of information action, means nothing to them, law suits by the print media, seeking information, do not faze them.

Evidence, witnesses, not even video is enough to convict law enforcement of anything: state police chief Steve McCraw says that state police did not fail in Uvalde! He also says that he is not shirking accountability! He further says that waiting over an hour to confront this man man, does not warrant his removal! They put out false accounts at that time (May 2022) and in November 2022 they are still withholding information! This is like in the movie with Richard Pryer, when his wife walks in on him naked in bed with a naked woman and he says to her, “are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?”

Two out of 400 officers have been fired, that is unbelievable. These two will be hired by law enforcement in another area. Reagan fired the air traffic controllers, why can’t Biden fire all of these spectators?

The names of everyone of these spectators should be released to the print media, instead they are sitting on those names. An interview should be demanded of everyone of these spectators, and asked to explained why they needed to be held by the hand like 2 year olds, and told what to do. If they refuse to release these names and interviews are also refused, the print media should print those refusals on the front page. 

If a civilian store clerk slaps – not kills – a customer, that clerk is fired instantly, that clerk will also be convicted of assault. This clerk’s actions will also have consequences as opposed to the nothing, that happens to law enforcement when they use excessive force or are incompetent.

The Supreme Court that is paid $4.1 million per year is very loudly silent in all of this.

Louis Maldonado

Church Rock, New Mexico

The following letter was sent to El Progreso Memorial Library, and library director Mendell Morgan wants to share it with Uvalde Leader-News readers.

Accept God’s grace

This Christmas of 2022 is still the season of hope, because Jesus was born to Mary, over 2,000 years ago, to be our Savior.

He is the only one, who has that love and grace for all folk. That gives our Christmas a true reason to celebrate. From the war zone of Ukraine, to the grieving families of Uvalde, this year, our hope is found in God’s word (Bible) to us all.

So please read Matthew 18v.1-6 and v.10-11. v.11- “For the Son of man is come to save, that which who lost.” K.J.V. To be humble, as a little child, is to accept Jesus, as your personal Savior, from sins penalty, you can never work enough to earn salvation but must accept God’s grace to you by faith in Bible truth. 

And when you do, you will have the sure hope, of being with God’s humble Heavenly family someday, so read again, Matthew 18:4-5, and v.10.

Larry Matalich

Stockton, California

Books open minds

In regards to the Sunday paper: Mr. Oberlender, As a concerned citizen, I must ask: do you know the definition of ‘liberal’? As a general term, it means “willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.” 

When referred to education, it’s defined as, “concerned with broadening a person’s general knowledge or experience.” 

You don’t need to censor books. You want kids to have a good education? They won’t have any if there’s nothing to read or write about. Perhaps if you had a liberal education then you would understand the significance of keeping all different kinds of books in school libraries. 

Keyna Ortiz