Robb fund applications due todayFree Access

Julye Keeble 
Staff Writer

Today at 6 p.m. is the deadline for eligible families to apply for funds from approximately $18 million in donations, known as the “Uvalde Together We Rise” fund, intended to assist victims of the May 24 Robb Elementary School shooting.

Steering committee chairman Mickey Gerdes said about 380 applications had been received as of Oct. 10.

Applications must be submitted by persons over the age of 18; and for minors under 18, applications are required to be submitted by a parent or guardian. 

Gerdes said those who are applying for funds for minor children will need to set up trusts where the money can be distributed, but the trust does not have to be completed for a guardian to apply for funds.

“Trusts do not have to be completed, before they submit an application,” Gerdes said, noting that the details of the trust can be finalized later. 

To submit an application for a child, all that is needed is the name of the trust – which is typically stylized with the name, something like John Doe Minor Trust – the name of designated trustees, which may be parents or guardians, and an address.

“As long as the application has that, it can be processed, and then we can work out or they can work out what kind of trust they actually need when when they get their benefits analysis figured out,” Gerdes said.

 Volunteer paralegals are reviewing all applications for any issues, including trying to avoid families losing access to public benefits such as health care, when they receive the money.

The fund is being administered by the National Compassion Fund, and the money pool may grow larger, as they are accepting donations through Oct. 20. 

Gerdes said the steering committee plans to meet on Nov. 7, to review the number of applications in each category. He said they will allocate 100 percent of the fund to eligible families, with distribution set to start around Nov. 14.

He said some applicants asked for advance payments. Those who selected the option and completed an application early on may receive a partial payment – with amounts based on what category they applied – for starting around Oct. 15.

The application is available on the National Compassion Fund website in English and Spanish.

Navigators are available at the Uvalde Together Resiliency Center, located at Uvalde County Fairplex, 215 Veterans Lane, or by calling 730-276-1369 or 210-364-1459. 

For more information or to apply, visit: