Rodeo club adds new events

Jennings Rodeo Photography
Brazos Colvin attempts to wrestle a calf to the ground during chute dogging competition, one of three new events added to the list of events staged in Uvalde Youth Rodeo Club competition. The 2023 season begins next month in the Uvalde County Arena at the Fairplex.

Dummy roping, double mugging, and chute dogging are three new events that have been added to the list of competitive events by the Uvalde Youth Rodeo Club for the 2023 season.

The Uvalde Youth Rodeo Club will host its first points night of the summer rodeo season on June 13 in the Uvalde County Arena at the Fairplex.Dummy roping is an event in which competitors advance to the next round of competition with each legal head catch that they make.

Distance between the dummy calf and the competitor is increased with each round of competition.

In double mugging, one member of the team will rope the animal while riding horseback.

Once the animal is roped, the mounted team member dismounts. He and his teammate put hands on the calf and attempt to mug the animal on its side. The final step is to tie three feet together, and the tie must hold for six seconds without coming undone.

Chute dogging features a competitor starting the event in a roping chute with the steer as opposed to grabbing onto the steer from horseback. It is similar to steer wrestling but without the use of a horse.

Other UYRC events for the 2023 season include pole bending, cloverleaf barrels, straight barrels, goat tying, breakaway roping, ribbon roping, tie-down roping, and team roping.

Besides the June 13 points night, the Uvalde Youth Rodeo Club will conduct points-night competition on June 20 and July 11; 60th-annual UYRC Rodeo, July 22; summer series awards banquet, Aug. 1;

Competition on points nights will get underway with lead-line action at 5:30 p.m.

For more information on the Uvalde Youth Rodeo Club, call 830-275-2086, see the UYRC Facebook page, or access the club’s website at

Uvalde Youth Rodeo Club board members for the 2023 season include president Kevin Mello, vice president Leroy Muñiz, secretary Sherri McCasland, reporter Tracy Colvin, treasurer Melinda Korczynski, past president Justin Speer, and directors Jimmy Chapoy, Jerome Canales, JR Ramirez, and Ross Mendoza., 830-278-3335.