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UCISD enrollment, attendance up

The first week of school at Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District concluded with 3,962 students in classes on Friday, an increase of 210 from the first day of school when 3,752 students were present.

“Seeing the activities last week and the students on our campuses was great,” said UCISD Superintendent Hal Harrell.

Approximately 4,237 students enrolled at UCISD for the 2022-23 school year, Harrell said. This is an increase of 100  from the 2021-22 school year, according to enrollment data as of May 4.

“This year will be like none other. No other school district has traversed what our district has in the last month. We will continue to make every effort to move forward,” Harrell said. “We will never forget our two wonderful teachers and 19 outstanding students and how special each was and is in our memory. Our school year is to uplift their memory.”

Student attendance per campus on Friday, Sept. 9 includes Uvalde High School, 1,129; Crossroads Academy, 31; Morales Junior High, 584; Dalton Elementary, 702; Batesville Elementary, 103; Flores Elementary, 326; Uvalde Dual Language Academy, 609; Uvalde Elementary, 325; and Uvalde Virtual Academy, 153.