UHS tennis is a model for consistent excellence


Uvalde High School has won another district title in team tennis.

The Coyotes and Lobos made it a perfect District 29-4A campaign as they won their seventh victory in district play last Wednesday afternoon.

Besides going unbeaten in district play, the Uvaldeans upped their season record to 23-1.

They will complete their regular-season schedule with action this week against Floresville, San Antonio Wagner, Kerrville Tivy, and Fredericksburg.

With only these matches left on their schedule, the Uvaldeans will turn their attention toward post-season play.

Uvalde’s region of the state is a tough one for tennis, so these upcoming matches should prepare the Coyotes and the Lobos for the challenges that await them in post-season competition.

Floresville and Kerrville Tivy are long-time UHS tennis rivals, while Fredericksburg is a perennial post-season playoff team.

The action at UHS’s Terri Rambie Tennis Complex this week should give us some indication of how UHS will perform in the post-season playoffs.

With the bulk of the team tennis season behind them, the focus for Coach Terri Rambie’s team is straight ahead.

As well as they have played, the Coyotes and the Lobos will have to elevate their game because the calibre of competition will be much tougher as they enter the post season.

But they have exhibited their physical and mental toughness all season, and their ability to adapt to any situation. 

An awesome season

For me, it has been fun to watch these young Uvaldeans play from the very hot, humid days of August to the more weather-friendly days of last week or so.

Having had a chance to cover many matches this season, it is my opinion that Coach Rambie has created a culture of winning, both on the court and off the court.

UHS has won a lot of district tennis titles and there have been a lot of good teams here over the past 20 years, but this year’s team is special.

By their season record, a case could be made that the 2022 UHS tennis team is the best team in the history of the school.

They could top the 30-win plateau.

But there is much more to being a successful team than just winning on the playing court.

What I have enjoyed this season has been the the team spirit and the sportsmanship exhibited by UHS players.

The Coyotes and the Lobos check the boxes for success, including respect for their teammates, respect for their opponents, and respect for their sport.

Their actions both on the court and off the court are those of a winner.

How far will these young men and young women get in the playoffs?

That remains to be seen, but I like their chances.