UHS tennis players win in tourney

Uvalde High School fielded two teams for tennis tournament competition held at the UHS Tennis Complex last weekend.

Team No. 1 tied for fifth place with 25 points, while Team No. 2 placed ninth with 16 points.

Andrew Melchor won first place in the boys’ 2 singles. He beat Rudy Morales of Laredo Cigarroa, 6-1 and 6-4, in the title match.

Ricardo Moreno lost to Morales in the semifinals and lost to Randy Sewell San Antonio Harlandale in the match for third place.

Thang Lam lost his two tourney matches.

Matt Fernandez topped Beau Gonzales, 6-2 and 6-1, to claim fifth place in the boys’ 1 singles.

Lorenzo Perez claimed seventh place.

In girls’ 1 singles, Kezia Rodriguez lost in the consolation finals.

Elizaria Hernandez lost her two matches.

Crystal Mason won her first match, but then lost in girls’ 2 singles.

Mattie Elder lost an 8-5 decision in her consolation semi-final match. Elder wound up in 11th place.

Julianna Gutierrez lost her two matches.

In boys’ 1 doubles, the UHS team of Bobby Ruiz and Zach Arizmendi placed eighth, while the team of Michael Guerra and Fransisco Guerra finished in 14th place.

Aiden Burt and Christian Weigand lost their first match in Boys 2 doubles, but advanced to the consolation title match. They lost that match.

Zach Gonzalez and Julian Bermea lost in the consolation semifinals.

Kayla Balbuena and Marla Bass beat teammates Brenda Garcia and Gaby Rodriguez, 8-6, in the consolation championship match of the Girls’ 1 doubles.

Balbuena and Bas beat teammates Juvy Ramirez and Claire Garcia, 8-2, in the consolation semifinals.

Ramirez and Garcia won 11th place with an 8-5 win over Dominguez and Rios.

In girls’ 2 doubles action, Cody Davenport and Ashley bested teammates Christin Garcia and Keyla Amaya, 6-0 and 6-2, in the match for fifth place.

Belinda Puente and Elizabeth Rodriguez defeated Mayfield and Lange of Hondo, 7-5 and 6-2, in the match for third place.

Aubrey Castillo and Alexia Quijano won 11th place with an 8-5 victory over Himmelhager and Sigrah of El Paso Chapin.

Michael Morales and Karissa Rangel captured third place in Mixed Doubles 1 with a victory over their teammates Giovanni Valdez and Daniela Rodriguez.

Rene Alvarado and Clarissa Martinez finished sixth overall in the Mixed Doubles 2 competition. They lost to Cheheine and Abarza of Eagle Pass in the match for fifth place.

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