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UHS weight and conditioning program begins May 28

The 2024 summer weight and conditioning program for Uvalde CISD student-athletes will begin on May 28 at Uvalde High School.

Open to boys and girls, from incoming seventh-graders to 12th-graders, the program will offer weight lifting and a variety of conditioning drills.

The program will run from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays throughout the summer, except the first week.

Because of the Memorial Day holiday on May 27, the program’s first week will go from Tuesday through Thursday.

“We invite Uvalde athletes for all sports to participate in the program which should help to improve their overall fitness of our young athletes as we progress toward the next school year,” said UHS head coach Wade Miller. “It is a terrific program. Getting stronger, quicker, and in better overall shape is good for all of our athletes.

“In order to keep up with the other schools that we will face in competition next school, it is important for our kids to lift weights and do other drills to make themselves physically stronger and more confident in their abilities,” said Miller.

“The good news is that the program is free. There is no charge for our athletes to take part in the program,” said Miller.

“Athletes at some of the schools we will face during the coming school year may be able to afford to pay personal trainers to work on getting them physically better,” said Miller. “This program is a way for our kids to keep up with those kids.”

Coach EJ McNamara will supervise the weight lifting part of the program, while Jonathan Hagler will supervise the conditioning drills.

Other UHS coaches will be assisting with the weight and conditioning program. Boys and girls do not need to sign up for the program. They need only show up at UHS.

Those participating should wear T-shirts, shorts, and athletic shoes.

For more information on the summer weight and conditioning program, call 830-591-4991.