Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District

Crossroads Academy graduate Desiree Arellano, with Jalyssa Duron, Jeremiah Arellano and Raul Arellano (right).

Crossroads Academy

Miranda Dvorak

This summer at Crossroads, the end is also the beginning. Thirty-five 2023 Crossroads graduates were eligible to participate in graduation at the Honey Bowl on May 26, marking the end of their high school career. The class of 2023 surpassed all expectations of their resilience and persistence. Summer school began June 5, and our student success continues with our first summer graduate, Bailey Chapa, who will be celebrated June 8. 

Our summer school staff is ready and willing to help students who want to catch up, get ahead, or join our Crossroads family. These students have made the decision to make a new beginning on their journey to success.

Our ACE summer program is also in full swing, supporting our students who want to work on their courses before and after school. ACE staff and students also have several cooking activities planned throughout summer school to use the products of our beautiful school garden to create recipes that they can make at home.


Crossroads Academy graduate Yarelli Vasquez, complete in her graduation regalia with (left to right) Precious Miranda, Crystal Foutz, Cynthia Vasquez, Isamar Vasquez, and Homero Fuentes.


(Right) Crossroads Academy graduate Ashley O’Brien, complete in her graduation regalia, celebrates with her supporters including Robert Coble and Teresa Coble.


Crossroads Academy graduate Bryan Mancillas, celebrates with Sandra Mancills and Jesus Mancillas.