Uvaldeans prepare for post season tennis

Members of the District 29-4A champion Uvalde High School tennis team have a couple of weeks until they will enter post-season playoff action.

Between now and then, the Uvaldeans have five dual-team matches remaining on their 2021 team tennis schedule.

Saturday at UHS’s Terri Rambie Tennis Complex, the Uvaldeans will host the Laredo LBJ Wolves and Pleasanton Eagles.

The LBJ match is scheduled for a 9 a.m. start, while the Pleasanton match is set to get underway at 1:30 p.m.

Coach Terri Rambie’s Coyotes and Lobos, 14-5 for the season, crushed San Antonio Stevens and La Vernia in dual-match action last Saturday.

They rolled up a 19-0 victory over Stevens and whipped La Vernia 18-1.

Against La Vernia, Ty Gonzalez won the boys’ singles number-one match and teamed with Michelle Miller to win the mixed-doubles match.

Colton Gaston and Jack Brock won the number-two and number-three singles matches, respectively, and they combined efforts to win the boys’ doubles number-one match.

Jacob Flores won the number-four match in singles and Hector Lopez won the number-five match. Together, they won the doubles number-two match.

Damian Weigand won the singles number-six match and teamed with Reilly Mize to win the doubles number-three match.

The Lobos swept the three doubles matches.

Winners included the teams of Elizabeth Phillips and Hope Dube, Allison Goggans and Reagan Dodson, and Joana Reyes and Victoria Reyes.

Singles winners for the Lobos were Elizabeth Phillips, Hope Dube, Reagan Dodson, Joana Reyes, and Zoe Faust.

The Uvaldeans won 11 extra matches, while in junior varsity play, UHS captured a win in 18 of the 21 matches played.

Against Stevens, it was total domination for UHS as they won all 19 matches and did not lose a set.

Singles winners were Allison Goggans, Elizabeth Phillips, Hope Dube, Reagan Dodson, Joana Reyes, Zoe Faust, Ty Gonzalez, Colton Gaston, Jack Brock, Jacob Flores, Hector Lopez, and Damian Weigand.

UHS winners in doubles were Ty Gonzalez and Michelle Miller, Elizabeth Phillips and Hope Dube, Allison Goggans and Reagan Dodson, Joana Reyes and Victoria Reyes, Jack Brock and Colton Gaston, Jacob Flores and Hector Lopez, and Jonathon Garcia and Armando Garcia.

They won 10 extra matches, while the junior varsity topped Stevens in 15 of the 16 matches.