Migrant students travel to Washington, D.C.

In early June, four students from Uvalde High School traveled to Washington D.C., to participate in a week-long leadership academy designed for migrant students, hosted by the Close Up Foundation. A migrant student is a student whose family relocates because of agriculture-related industries or other seasonal work, according to the Texas Education Agency. The Close Up Foundation is designed to […]

Texting 911 possible in Uvalde County

Kimberly Rubio Assistant Editor Uvalde Police Department’s telecommunications department now has the capability to receive texts to 911. Since June 11, two people have taken advantage of the service. A teenage boy texted 911 dispatchers two weeks ago to ask how to report a sexual assault. Dora Elia Trevino was the dispatcher who received the June 25 text, which resulted […]

UCISD goal is to place iPad with junior high, high school students before first day

Melissa Federspill Staff Writer The conventional classroom where students only use pen, paper, and hardback textbooks for assignments is becoming a thing of the past. Many schools, including those in the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, are moving towards a more tech-savvy, blended classroom. According to UCISD director of school improvement and accountability Sandra Zuniga, a blended learning classroom uses […]