2014-2015 NIE Program

The cost for one student's subscription is $14, and an entire classroom can receive the newspaper for $280.

Donations made payable to NIE are tax deductible.


Olga Charles

NIE Coordinator

It seems summer vacation just got underway, but classes resume just three weeks from tomorrow. In preparation for the upcoming school year, the Uvalde Leader-News is looking for sponsors for its Newspapers in Education program.

The program provides newspapers and curriculum additions as an educational supplement for students in Uvalde, Batesville, Knippa and Sabinal.

Letters have been mailed requesting donations from local businesses, educational institutes and individual sponsors. Donations make it possible for children and teachers to receive the newspaper and have access to the over 300 online resources provided by Newspapers in Education. 

For the last school year 2013-2014, thanks to the generosity of 71 donors comprising individuals and businesses, the Uvalde Leader-News was able to distribute 611 subscriptions to elementary, junior high, and high school campuses. 

Recipients included kindergarteners at Dalton Early Childhood Center; first- and second-graders at Anthon Elementary; third- and fourth-graders at Robb Elementary; fifth-graders at Benson Elementary; sixth- and seventh-graders at Flores Middle School; third-, fourth-, and seventh-graders at Knippa Independent School District; numerous classes at Uvalde Junior High School and Uvalde High School; third-graders at Sabinal Elementary School; and students at Batesville Elementary School and Sacred Heart School.

The cost for one student's subscription is $14 – less than half the price of a regular subscription – and an entire classroom can receive the newspaper for $280.


Teaching tool

Newspapers can be utilized to teach many subjects and at many skill levels. 

Examples include:  using a story as a prompt to create a unique version of the tale and working consumer mathematics problems using classified advertisements. The newspaper can also make government more relatable through reports of city council and various board meetings.

In addition to the newspapers delivered to classrooms, teachers can access online curriculum aids, with streaming video and audio modules available for parents and children. Subjects covered range from English, science, and social studies to subjects including anti-bullying, health and fitness, critical thinking, and journalism. 

College preparation and study guides are also available.

The goal of the Newspapers in Education program is to help local newspapers foster community involvement, critical thinking, and decision-making skills in school-aged children. These skills can help children grow up to be successful members of the community and make better life decisions. 

Exposing children to newspapers can help them become engaged in their community, aware of local businesses, and encourages them to read.

NIE programs date back past the 1800s. On June 8, 1795, The Portland Eastern Herald (in Maine) published an editorial that finished by stating, “newspapers are plenty and cheap – the cheapest book that can be bought, and the more you buy the better for your children, because every part furnishes some new and valuable information.” 

Donations made payable to NIE are tax deductible, greatly appreciated, and can be mailed to the Uvalde Leader-News, 110 N. East St., Uvalde, TX., 78801.

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