Hamilton’s book available for purchase tomorrow

by Kim Eagle, staff writer


Something sinister is at work in the Land of Unfading Beauty, a land that promises eternal youth and splendor, a land created by Sabinal author Katharine Hamilton.

The book is titled “The Unfading Lands,” and goes on sale Friday at all the major book outlets.

While Hamilton is not new to the world of writing, having previously published three children's books, this is her first foray into the fantasy/epic novel genre.

The Unfading Lands,” is the first of a three-book series that will follow the characters Lancer, Prince Edward, King Granton and Princess Elizabeth, plus many more as they fight for the future of the Northern Kingdom.

The back cover of the book explains the journey each reader will take.

A selfish betrayal. Goodness long forgotten. A land with terrifying power... that promises eternal youth and splendor.

Under the facade of charismatic leader, Lancer, an enemy stalks – taking life and power in the most devious of ways.

Prince Edward, the heir to the Northern Kingdom, abandons his family in pursuit of a beautiful woman by venturing into the Land of Unfading Beauty, never to return home. Has Prince Edward been swept away by love, or was it part of a strategic plan?”

Lancer, one of the antagonists, has high ambitions that include dismantling the Northern Kingdom. This causes neighboring kingdoms to unite against a common enemy.

Hamilton examines what happens when the different kingdoms unite, exploring the tensions as well as identifying emerging young leaders such as Elizabeth.

Headstrong, yet pure of heart, this young princess breaks the barriers of her role in order to fight for the safety of her kingdom... But it will take courage, unity and strength to overcome the temptation of darkness. A darkness that threatens the safety of them all.”

At the time of the interview, Hamilton was in the final stages of the book-release process: making last-minute revisions, getting feedback from focus groups, and preparing for a book tour that will take her all over Texas and the country.

She said this particular book has been in the works for almost nine years. The idea of the Land of Unfading Beauty came to her in college and she slowly developed characters and ideas in her free time.

Her writing career took off after she completed her first children's book in 2008, written and illustrated originally as a Christmas present for her niece.

Seeing her reaction to a unique story made me start thinking about diving into the writing world,” Hamilton said of her first book, “The Adventurous Life of Laura Bell.”

She said writing children's books helped her learn the publishing business, which gave her the confidence to attempt a novel.

Hamilton said that once all preparation was complete and she actually sat down to write, the rough draft took her just three weeks to complete.

She is very pleased with the feedback she has received from pre-reader audiences.

They gave great feedback,” she said of the group that consisted of 24- to 67-year-old readers. “Every single person loved it.”

The one thing that changed from her original vision of the book is the ending. Since she decided it was going to be a series, she had to find a way to leave the readers wanting more.

I actually love how it ended,” Hamilton said. “It's very fitting.”

She hopes her readers enjoy reading her book as much as she enjoyed writing it and has only question for them.

Where will your allegiance lie?”

For more information about Hamilton and to follow the release of her book, visit katharinehamilton.com.

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